The Long Cold Swedish Winter

For many reasons its been an age since we posted anything here. At the end of last year surfing season both my boards got damaged, the Exocet 125 Nano got a 2 inch split on the rail and i didn’t catch it till the second time out and on the ultralight the foiling on the top of the board by the front right foot strap has lifted…… whatever that means. To compound matters I busted two disks in my back which has laid me up for nigh on five months leaving me in comparative states of agony. Continue reading


We Live in the land of the Ice and Snow where the cold wind blows

I’ve been thinking about making an ice-board for a few years now. Back in the winter of 2013 had a trial day right out in the archipelago. That year it was so cold that the Baltic sea had frozen all the way out past Djurö! We tried out a couple of designs, one was a board that laid very much on to the ice, called an ice carve board. It has a single rear skate under the heel of the board that the rider places most of their weight on, this causes it to cut hard in to the ice and prevent the board spinning out. The two front edges have a sharpened metal edge that bites in to the ice when you heal it over and allow the board to carve. I have been told that they are very difficult to gybe, and have an enormous turning radius. That’s all very well and good if you want to hoon up and down a frozen lake however I would like to develop my technical sailing skills and for that the Ice surf board seems like a better fit. The board basically a skateboard with, fittingly, skates instead of wheels, they turn and carve and gybe just like a windsurfer, I looked at buying one but the cost of buying one is phenomenal, so I thought I would build myself one. It turned out i had most of what I needed laying around. The landboard I bought a few years back turned out in the end not to be very practical I couldn’t find anywhere open enough to sail it, but it’s perfect for this project! Continue reading