JP Super Lightwind 92



Well what a bit of luck I’ve had! for the longest time I have been looking in to buying a board suited to light winds due to the fickle nature of the Stockholm weather and for a while I have been putting together a blog post about lightwind boards (still unfinished however I’m not sure how much more I can add than this average Joe windsurfer, he’s tested all the low wind boards

The problems with these boards are three fold, firstly they are insanely expensive to buy new, Continue reading


Hung over Dalarö


After a summers evening of drinking with friends in Stockholm there is no better cure for a ‘slight’ hangover then a dip in the sea! I spent most of the drive over to the beach on the phone to Neil, trying to wake him up, and then, convince him that it’s an amazing idea to get down the beach and sail for a bit. The poor guy had stayed out a little longer than me the night before and ended up out in the clubs till around 4am… Either way, it’s was 1200 and fuck the issue of still being over the driving alcohol limit… It was time to get to the beach!

The session was pretty relaxed, I decided to take out the short board and a 5.5 sail, to play around with getting used to the board in the light winds. It’s really fun to sail, you a spin it round on a dime (or a pound coin I’m sure) and once you get used to always being over the centre point and never putting your weight too far forward, it was a board with a lot of feel and I recon its going to be a blast in stronger winds.

The pic is a screen grab from the website the windsurfers use to get the weather reports in Sweden. It’s the Norwegian weather institute, I think? And is pretty accurate. There website is if you want to take a look?

Looks like Tuesday might be good. Basically we looking for around 7ms minimum.. That’s normally enough wind to get planing with the bigger sails.

Enjoy the sun, Andyc

Day 2: Öland


Here is where we find ourselves on day 2 of our adventures; a long beach on the east coast of the island. You can literally see the sea from the van, it’s a perfect spot!

Today we weathered a thunder and lightening episode and discovered that the wipers on the van don’t work! Did around 15km’s with ‘rain vision’… Funny day!


Elin and Ben are happy… They hit the beach while I went out on the board for a couple of hours, not really enough wind to get up on the plane consistently, but still great to be out on the water.


Tomorrows forecast is for stronger winds coming from the south, so we are planning to explore a spot on the south-west side of the island.

Happy mid-summers, Andyc

Heading to Helsingborg tomorrow!

So the 30 year old house van is packed… She’s full of fuel and we are ready to roll. Aiming to leave Stockholm tomorrow morning and end up somewhere near Helsingborg by sundown… Let’s see how we get on!

Vans got a max speed of around 80kph (downhill) so there’s no rushing, just sit back and chill.

Watch this space… Lots of fun to come I’m sure! Andyc

Hanging out in fånö


Elin and I headed over to Fånö today, to support our friends, as they launched a fantastic new restaurant and cafe.

Now Fånö is a place you won’t find easily on the map, it’s roughly an hour north-east of Stockholm, a small village on the edge of lake ‘Mälaren’, that you find through following a mini-maze of winding roads… Simply stunning and peaceful.

I first met Johan and his family a couple of years ago. Johan owns ‘ and kindly employed me as a windsurfing instructor for a summer and we became friends. It’s a fantastic company and Johan is a fantastic windsurfer. Whenever I get stuck or need advice he is first on my hit list… Never fails to point me in the right direction.

Today was all about the opening of their new cafe called ‘fånöö orangeri’. We took a look at the history of the buildings, they date back to early 1800’s… Lovely place to take an afternoon was escape. The cafe is on the same site as ‘Fånöö slot’, a castle owned by some rather wealthy people that use it as a fancy summer house… Alright for some!

Anyhow, i’d give it a visit if you can. I guess I’m also giving a plug to Johan’s windsurfing business too… Cos it’s a cool company to get into contact with if u need any advice or lessons. Enjoy the sun… Andyc

The Snow has left Stockholm!

Yes, yes, yes! The snows left and slowly the grass is reappearing. Over here it’s a magical feeling that summer is close the day you put the summer tires back on the car… Did it yesterday… It felt great!

So now we are watching the ice on the lakes melt away, then it’s time to hit the water. I’ve uploaded a few pictures of Neil’s inventions on a page called ‘snow sailing’ and will ask Neil to add some descriptions and info on the designs.


Here is our new on-land simulator for Charlie! Made from some fence posts, a box and some bits of wood… It’s fantastic, and Charlie will have it in the garden soon so that he can start nailing those tacks and gybes… Start them young! Andyc