The Long Cold Swedish Winter

For many reasons its been an age since we posted anything here. At the end of last year surfing season both my boards got damaged, the Exocet 125 Nano got a 2 inch split on the rail and i didn’t catch it till the second time out and on the ultralight the foiling on the top of the board by the front right foot strap has lifted…… whatever that means. To compound matters I busted two disks in my back which has laid me up for nigh on five months leaving me in comparative states of agony. Continue reading


down in the workshop: boom repairs

Last time i was out with my smaller boom i noticed at the end of the session that it was considerably heavier than it should be, when i got it home i took it apart and perhaps two liters of water gushed out, that cant be helping my performance!  so I took it in to the workshop, dried it out and had a look at how to waterproof it, I decided to go with wetsuit glue, it dries with a rubbery consistancy, so I will take a chance that it will flex with the boom under load. I rouged up with sandpaper the bare aluminium boom ends that fit in to the headstock and noticed that it had been treated with a small amount of glue when manufactured, obviously not enough! I donned a pair of latex gloved to keep the chems off my skin and liberally coated the boom ends in the black gloopy glue, as i fitted then the excess flowed out and formed a liberal seal where the headstock and boom bar meet. i coated the sleaved bolts and their mounting holes with the rubber glue too, and put loctite on the screwthreads to prevent them wiggling loose, as the screws tightened the excess glue oozed out and coved the screwheads. For good measure I whipped out the screws that hold the clamp lever and put a good spot of loctite on those too. I left it to cure over night and fitted the front assembly to the boom extension and it feels rock solid!

20150622_183616 (Medium)