Gotland July 2014

I headed over to Gotland with the family. We have some great friends there and I decided to put the board on the roof.

We mainly stay in Lau, a small farming village on the South East of Gotland… I found the most amazing spot just 15 minutes away. It was straight on the water, no one around and clear open wind off the ocean.

lau beach

The Pindrop is the beach! I recommend it if you are on the Island and have a North or South Easterly wind!


Tip Top Tofta


What a spot! On the upper west side of Gotland lies a little village called ‘Tofta’, which has the most wonderful beaches and clear seas I’ve seen for a while! Perfect for westerly winds and also perfect for waiting away a sunny day.

I headed down there last night and again this morning. This morning there was no wind, so we took some food and coffee at the beachside cafe… Really chilled place.


When there’s no wind you HAVE to try the local beers right? So the afternoon was spent in Visby… In a beer garden. This windsurfing is a tough sport at times! đŸ™‚ Andyc

Exploring the sunny south of Gotland


Had explore down the southern tip of Gotland today. Breath-taking ocean views and clear blue skies!


The wind was westerly and around 6-8ms, we found a lovely spot just on off the road on the borrow but of land leading down to the southern part of Gotland. It was super flat and very clean wind. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t bring my 7.0sm sail as I’d have been flying!!! But as it was I went out for a couple of hours and it was super fun… A bit of planing, few water starts and a lot of pumping! Andyc

Gotland windsurfing trip


I’m over in Gotland for around a week, visiting some friends, relaxing and getting in a bit of sailing.

We brought the car and not the van for this trip as we have somewhere to stay and plus its much more expensive to take a mobile home onto the ferry. The downside of this is that I could only bring limited gear, so chose to bring my small board and 5.5 sail.

To blue dot in the picture above is where we are staying, it’s a small hamlet called ‘Lau’ and our friends Emma and Martin have a fantastic old farm house here that they’ve been renovating over the years.


I went for a sail yesterday afternoon at a beach called ‘Lau viken’ (the bay you can see on the right of the pic at top of page). It’s a 5 minute drive from where we are staying and offers a wonderful location for north to eastily wind directions. It was a fun place to sail with little waves to hope off and is really shallow for around 300 meters into the bay.

I’m nursing a hangover as I write this… We hit the red wine last night… Gotta go and sort it out. Andyc