Evening training session


As the sun set Niel and I sailed gracefully across the bay, the birds were singing and the ducks were quacking…. Aaaaah.

Jesus id be a shit poet, fact!

Yeah, we headed out for an hour this evening on the chance that 8m/s might appear as forecast… But it didn’t show up… So instead we chilled across the bay and tried out a few cheeky moves in the shallows.

Tomorrows ment to be good. Let’s see! Andyc


Hung over Dalarö


After a summers evening of drinking with friends in Stockholm there is no better cure for a ‘slight’ hangover then a dip in the sea! I spent most of the drive over to the beach on the phone to Neil, trying to wake him up, and then, convince him that it’s an amazing idea to get down the beach and sail for a bit. The poor guy had stayed out a little longer than me the night before and ended up out in the clubs till around 4am… Either way, it’s was 1200 and fuck the issue of still being over the driving alcohol limit… It was time to get to the beach!

The session was pretty relaxed, I decided to take out the short board and a 5.5 sail, to play around with getting used to the board in the light winds. It’s really fun to sail, you a spin it round on a dime (or a pound coin I’m sure) and once you get used to always being over the centre point and never putting your weight too far forward, it was a board with a lot of feel and I recon its going to be a blast in stronger winds.

The pic is a screen grab from the website the windsurfers use to get the weather reports in Sweden. It’s the Norwegian weather institute, I think? And is pretty accurate. There website is yr.no if you want to take a look?

Looks like Tuesday might be good. Basically we looking for around 7ms minimum.. That’s normally enough wind to get planing with the bigger sails.

Enjoy the sun, Andyc

The boys doing great & summer adventures


It was a light wind day today in Stockholm so Charlie and I headed over to Dalaro for a couple of hours.

He did so well! At first the sail seems to big and heavy, it’s 2s/m, but once Charlie got used to finding the balance point of the rig it seemed to all flow really well.

The great thing about the location is that we can train in shallow waters, this is perfect as we haven’t got to the stage of turning around just yet! Charlie got the board sailing in both directions, and many many times today. He got from the starting position (feet either side of the mast foot and arms stretched) into the sailing position almost everytime…. And was happily sailing across the bay with great rig control and good feet positioning (back foot across the centre line and front foot point forward).

So next lesson is trying to get the basic turning of the board… Fun!

Elin and I are off on a 10 day windsurfing adventure to the west coast of Sweden on Thursday, I’ll try and keep the blog updated with the adventures! Andyc

An evening at Dalarö!


Neil and I have had a great evening of blasting across the bay! I guess winds of around 10m/s and not too bumpy… Makes for fast, fast fun.

Tried out my 5.5 (in pic above) for the first time… Felt great, nice stable power and not too twitchy. It got a bit too windy for my slalom board towards the end of the evening… Kept lifting off the water! Haha. Loving it!


Fun day at the beach!


Cool day down at the beach today! The wind was perfect for learning, around 4m/s, so Charlie took to the water and managed to do his first few sails across the wind.

It was wonderful to watch, think he shocked himself; that he was actually ‘sailing’ all by himself! He’s using a two square Metre kids rig and an old mistral screamer board. The sails still a little heavy, but once it’s up out of the water he is managing to find the balance point and keep it under control. He was buzzing when he finished the session today, a real achievement for an 8 year old to be sailing… Can’t wait to help him progress further this summer.

Neil and I finished the session with a ‘coca cola toast’ to congratulate Charlie and welcome him to the start, of what we are sure will be, many years of fun and enjoyment with windsurfing. Nice one son!! Andyc

First day of sailing

Had great fun this morning down at Dalarö. It was only around 5-6ms, but managed to get a few fast reaches in the bag! So nice to be back on the water… Beats ice anyway! Anyhow, now we know its not so cold I think we’ll be hitting the water on a regular basis. Here’s a snap-shot my custom carbon board and my 7.0… Perfect combination for flying across the bay! Andyc