Swedens Second biggest wet body

Last weekend I took a trip down south to the middle-middle of Sweden with Andy to a place called Gränna, and was reminded once again how spectacular Swedens second largest lake is especially when  you approach it from above on a clear day, you round a corner on the highway and there spreading out before you is the shimmering azure expanse of Lake Vättern, every time I see it I promise myself that I will take a windsurfing trip there, the vast expanse of water on the right day promises tens of kilometres of flat water blasting, we could arrange a pick up on the very far shore and towards the mid-summer the sun hardly sets we would literally have all day to complete the run. Now we also know somebody with a boat on on the lake it looks like its on! We have that extra piece of mind. The summer is shaping up! All I have to do now is, get fit, fix the boards, get myself down there…..


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