The Long Cold Swedish Winter

For many reasons its been an age since we posted anything here. At the end of last year surfing season both my boards got damaged, the Exocet 125 Nano got a 2 inch split on the rail and i didn’t catch it till the second time out and on the ultralight the foiling on the top of the board by the front right foot strap has lifted…… whatever that means. To compound matters I busted two disks in my back which has laid me up for nigh on five months leaving me in comparative states of agony.How I managed to incapacitate myself is still a mystery. As repair works require a lot of carrying and stooping or sitting down it was taking forever to get anything done and the same problem with editing and sitting in front of a laptop to edit the films and write articles so at some point in December life and real world events over took me and ‘Stockholm windsurfers’ was dry docked. One good thing about the long sabbatical is that now all the equipment is bone dry and I can be certain I’m not sealing in any moisture in to the boards. I did get as far as sanding back the split in the rail on the Exocet to the core and over a number of days by alternately cooling it by leaving it outside in the autumn air and bringing it in to a warm workshop which forces the water out with quite some pressure while re-positioning the hole firstly downward till the dripping stopped which to me made more sense and took about 2 and a half days because water runs down hill doesn’t it? Then I was fortunate to get hold of a vacuum pump and managed to extract a bit more water with judging by its murky colour quite a few contaminates. Reading further online many sources pointed out that as it has a polystyrene core it made more sense to position it with the hole at the top as capillary action would have sucked water deep in to the core and water evaporates upwards so I scavenged a dehumidifier suitable for large spaces like offices and set that up so that the dry air stream flowed over the hole in the rail, then pinned a tissue-paper firmly on to the core material with the idea of increasing the area the water could evaporate from. I will put together a post about the whole process, when I get myself in to better shape. Unfortunately this has meant that I’ve missed out on all the winter ice sailing, I didn’t get to go out once with the ice board, now the focus is on getting better in about 6 weeks and its surf season again


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