Töro, super lightwind, in not so light winds

November continues to deliver! Right now my 125L Excocet Nano freeride board is in the workshop after I discovered an ominous crack on the port rail. I sucked on it and as a reward for my bright idea I got a mouthfull of brackish baltic seawater halfway in to my lungs.

I got it down in to the workshop and sanding it back I found that it was through to the core so thats now drying out, I’ll post more on that when I get some time to edit together some vids.

So that left me in the situation of being out on a fairly windy day on my other board (one of my other boards) the JP super lightwind which I rigged up with the 7.5 helium, which has the stiff leach and I summised would compensate for the large board and enormous fin. On the beach it was striking the low level of the water was a good meter lower than I’ve ever seen it, rocks that I’d never seen before were now prominant, which was slightly worrying considering the fin length and the fragile nature of the superlight, that thing I swear is made of air, its so light, it scares the crap out of me anytime I’m lifting it in or out of the water I’m so paranoid about clanking it against a rock.
Just outside the rigging spot, a sheltered clearing between the sea battered pines there was another windsurfer setting up, battling with the sail and the boom and rigging up with the mast at 90 degrees in to the wind! luckly there wasnt too much wind and no dramas were had. She and her friend was having some trouble with the boom and I gave her a hand setting it up. She had a very large board, almost like a formula board but not quite, I was curious as to what it was as it reminded me of equipment I’d seen before somewhere. She told me that she’d bought it from Windsurfing Johan (windsurfing.se) as soon as she said that I knew thats where I reconised the style from. This board has a curious design with a fixed centerboard, and a high gloss finish, I’ve hired a few of Johans boards before and they do work well, however the high gloss fiberglass finish is perilously slippery, and she’ll need to grip tape it or wax it to allow her to pull up the sail.

Wind conditions were a little challenging the avg wind speed should have been around 10 mps, but the gust should have been double that, making for an interesting launch situation, due to the enormous fin and the low water I had to wade out 40 meters to be able to haul the sail, then once up and sailing timing the gust to get up on to the plane was tricky, you have to nail it almost perfectly otherwise the gust is gone and your pumping in vain. I still cant get the boards to take height against the wind, this is starting to really piss me off I’m powered up, I’m planning I’m leaning out skimming the water with my arse, twisting my hips and putting pressure on my back foot whilst raking the rig back and it still wont take height, so frustrating I cant figure it out, its such a handicap. In a bid to get more planning time I headed out of the sheltered bay and discovered how well the super lightwind handles 2 meter waves………… it just about manages it, the board is so slow to react compared to my freeride board its like its 2 seconds behind any wave input, however it gets planing quickly and if you ride with a wave it floats on it like feather, a joy to ride, the otherway round though you get buffetet randomly up or downwind and it catches air all too readily, requiring some deft emergency front footwork to bring the nose under control. As the day progressed the wind died down and to get any decent wind Jukka had to head out over 2km from the shore, I didnt fancy heading out that far and the super lightwind allowed me to stay relatively close to shore all in all a pretty good day out, again Jukka and I were the last ones off of the beach, headlamps a requirement when we sail, othewise we’d never get the gear off of the beach.


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