Bonus November

By this time of year here in Sweden there could already be a respectable layer of snow in the ground and ice on the lakes, however this November has been exeptionally warm, we’ve been out a few times in the last few weeks, Jukka has been on a mission to get as many sessions in before the icey fingers of winter choke off the season. We were back at Väddö however that place is a bit of a dissapointment when travelling there from the south of stockholm, it takes such a time to get there and then its a good bit from the parking spot down to the beach.

Having taken off work early to get down to the beach for a few hours before it got dark at 6pm and driving for over 2 hours we got set up and the wind just dissapated, I got some good experience of big rolling waves, some over 3 meters, it wa a real shame that the wind dropped, being about 3km off shore and knowing that it will take some time to head in I set off for the beach as the sun started to set, however Jukka sayed out and as I got in to the bay the wind picked up and Jukka got about half an hour of serious sailing in before dusk. As we packed up and changed out of the wetsuits as it wasa seriously dark skies site, we were discussing the heavens and talking about the comets we’d seen and observing the constellations. Then out of nowhere the skies errupted with an amazing sight, an enormous fireball streaked across the heavens so bright it almost hurt to look at it. When I got home i looked online to see if anybody else had seen it as it had been so bright we’d assumed it was very close… it turns out that the entire southern part of sweden had seen it it was a truely collosal meteor!

Last Sunday we headed down to Torö, this time around we had clear blue skies sunshine and good winds! we had the bay very much to ourselves and apart from a few kitesurfers who kept themselves very much in the shallows. The winds were a little tricky, the gusts being up to 10 knots greater than the average winds, also complicated by wind shadows by the outlying islands, which meant that intermittantly you would be powered up, overpowered then run in to a wind shadow and almost get catapulted from the drag forces, at certain points across the sound the diffeerences in wind had me intermittantly waterstarting for 50 meters. The wind swang widely from SW to W back to S then round to almost NW I got a lot of planing practice in, however I’m still having no luck in getting up wind, that skill till illudes me, its eminentely frustrating so much time gets ‘lost’ trying to get out of the bay. The day was bough to an end for me when the winds picked up unexpectedly and made it impossible to stay on the board, I took a scuicide run across the bay to get parallel to the landing point and drift in. on the way in I met up with a kitesufer that have managed to tangle up his kite in his own lines, strapped in to his board and with the kite down he was pretty helpless when he got to the shoreline, so i helped him lift out his kite. a good day, however i still havnt managed to stick a jibe turn this month, heres to next sunday……


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