Nailed it in Nynäshamn,17.943077087402344&zoom=14&layer=hybrid

This time round no pictures, no films, took a spontanious half day off of work as there was some good wind down at nynäshamn, VIVA said it was blowing 9.8 out at landsort 20 km to the south, I rigged the 7.2 and set out  for the open water to the SW. I’ve always had trouble getting power from this board and sail combo and had never got it planing, so I was aprehensive that it would be a good session, there was certainly enough wind, but it looks like i might have finally got to grips with it.

One thing I learned from last time out at brevikdsbadet was to lengthen the lines, I extended them to 30cm and that gave me the room i needed to extend my arms and feel like everything was in balance, infact that might be a bit too long, as I eventually got the board to come  up on the plane the roughness of the waves caused the lines to jump out of the the harness hook and I had to keep hooking back in I finally got a taste of how to get this bigger sail and board combo to plane. the wind was a bit up and down the islands direct the wind oneway then the other and there arent many landing place on the mainland to land and adjust the rig but one of the charms of sailing amonst these islands and islets is that you can use them to come ashore, quickly adjust the rig then get straight back out—– or take a rest then head straight back out. on the way over to the island I noticed to be able to power up the rig I was having to lean markedly backards even on a narrow reach making the setup unstable, after a few dunkings and *flawless* waterstarts I arrived at the island and explained to Jukka the problem and he suggested moving the mast foot back and flattening the sail to reduce power and it worked a treat, immediately I found myself being able to lean out, twist the hips and hang low off the boom even sat on a few waves, I even found that my feet fell exactly on the straps, and toyed with the idea of getting in them, but opted for in the end standing on the front ones and having my backfoot by the back ones, I got some nice long 1km planning runs where I could finally try experimenting with getting upwind on the plane which worked to some degree, and start to get a feel for how thats acheived also finding the power and the right actions to go up on to the plane, come off it and back on that gives a real sense of control and improved my confidence. There were a few moments where the setup suddenly felt unstable and I noticed that in my bid to maintain control I had tensed up and had taken the weight of the rig on to my arms and off of the lines changing the dynamic as soon as I realised that I could catch myself and sink back in to the harness. However the sea was quite rough so  after 2 and a half hours of being pounded from wave to wave I was feeling a bit beat up, and the sun was starting to set so I headed in and got onshore at dusk. Typical, just as I start a new level of capability the seasons conspire agianst me.


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