$99 surfboard

Interesting article on bringing surfing to the masses..



Bonus November

By this time of year here in Sweden there could already be a respectable layer of snow in the ground and ice on the lakes, however this November has been exeptionally warm, we’ve been out a few times in the last few weeks, Jukka has been on a mission to get as many sessions in before the icey fingers of winter choke off the season. We were back at Väddö however that place is a bit of a dissapointment when travelling there from the south of stockholm, it takes such a time to get there and then its a good bit from the parking spot down to the beach. Continue reading

Nailed it in Nynäshamn


This time round no pictures, no films, took a spontanious half day off of work as there was some good wind down at nynäshamn, VIVA said it was blowing 9.8 out at landsort 20 km to the south, I rigged the 7.2 and set out  for the open water to the SW. I’ve always had trouble getting power from this board and sail combo and had never got it planing, so I was aprehensive that it would be a good session, there was certainly enough wind, but it looks like i might have finally got to grips with it. Continue reading