Hardware update, software booty upgrade

One of the only two windsurfing stores in the Stockholm region skidsport.nu had a sale this weekend celebrating 35 years of business and giving 35% discount so I took advantage of there generosity to update some of my oldest equipment.


I got me a new RRD alu boom, to replace my unifiber boom thats showing its age, and some 30cm NP harness lines and a new “deluxe” pull up, a new mast extention base, which annoyingly is too long to work with my 430 mast, buying it at a discount takes the edge off of it. I bought some new wetsuit booties these ones have some kind of bamboo on them that supposed to prevent them getting all stinky, they’re nicely flocked on the inside too, toasty 🙂

WP4Phone_20150930132133_1 WP4Phone_20150930132133_2


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