Tommy Tries out windsurfing

Been a bit slow at getting this post up, a few weeks back a friend Tommy expressed an interest in trying out windsurfing, so a few Fridays back we gathered up the gear and headed down to Dalarö and met up with Jukka. After we schleped the gear over the footbridge and along the shoreline to the launch site it was 4pm and Tommy got to try out my ever so sexy 80s style spare wetsuit! Lovely :).  The wind on the day was very poor, barely over 5m/s but I had the JP superlight with my and Tommy got to use the Kona 0.9. All in all the lucky soul managed to squeeze in over 6 hours of tuition, and by the end of it between Jukka and I we’d managed to teach him the basics, raising the sail, sailing across the wind in both directions and shakey upwind turns. He did really well to get all that down .

Also a good session for me on the Superlight, the wind was almost non existant but I rigged up the 8.5 helium and gave it everything I could throw at it and managed to get it skimming across the mill pond flat water of the bay, utterly magical in that there was so little wind! most of the kitesurfers had given up on waiting for the wind and had left, but there were a few guys hanging around in hope. Once I got the board planning I think I lured one of them off of the beach, he probably reasoned that if I was planning he would easily pick up higher winds, what he didnt realise was the superlight gets going on a fart of wind, he managed to get his 17m2 kite off the beach and 50 meters out on the water and then it lost all lift and he spent the next 30 mins trying to get it off the water and back to the beach. The JP is very impressive all the more so in that on several passes I didnt need to even pump the board up on to the plane.

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