Its been almost a month now I’ve been waiting on skidsport.nu the only supplier of Neil Pryde in Stockholm, I still haven’t heard a peep out of them despite following them up a week or so after initial contact. *update; Walter has made several attempts to get in contact with NP but he hasnt heard anything back from them, he will get back to me*

Its getting really boring and frustrating having to put in so much time and effort in to getting companies even to repond. I still havent heard anything from North sails they haven bothered to reply to any of my attempts to contact them through their webpage or Twitter, just a wall of silence, the local supplier Surfspot say they have had a conversation with them but failed to acheive anything of significance, when i asked them what they said about the shockingly poor quality of the mastfoot they said that they would ask them, which is entirely the point of contacting them the first time! Also I asked them to let me know when they got spare parts back in stock and I had to ring them up to find out if they had restocked. 😦 . The last I heard was that I should go over to the shop and they would “see how they could help”. I’ll head over there this week.


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