North Mast Foot Power XTR 42

I bought this North Mast Foot Power XTR 42 about 2 years ago, it has been a real joy to use when rigging larger sails, no longer did I need to alot have a hernia to get get the last few cm of downhaul, and letting off downhaul when tuning the sail was a breaze. However I have only used it at most 20 times and the mechanism is so worn out that it slips when you try to winch the downhaul, efectively making it very difficult to use as its not designed for manual downhauling.  I took it back to the reseller 3 weeks ago they took a photo and they have tried contacting North Sails, To compund matters they had run out of spare parts. Two weeks later they hadnt heard anything back, I’ve tried contacting them through their online form twice and even via twitter but I still havnt heard anything from them.


worn teeth






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