Down in the workshop: Afixing an EVA pad to the kona.99

I have been considering whether or not to do anything about the enormous slippery patch where the board was repaired, on one hand it would be cheaper and funnier to watch beginners slide off as they attempt an upwind tack, but my kinder side prevailed when i found out that sells EVA foam sheets 80 x 60 cm for a reasonable price

20150622_183941 (Medium)

its self adhesive, but the guy in the shop was unsure if that was going to be good enough so he recommended a tube of Liquisole.

I matched up the sheet to the board and it was almost a perfect fit,

20150622_184100 (Medium)

I sanded off the spikes of resin the previous owner had left on it arfter repairing it, this also roughed up the surface in preperation for the glue application, I donned rubber gloves, squeezed out lines of liquisole glue along edges and evenly across the board nose to tail. The little tube runs out quickly i only got a few lines across the middle before it was finished. The glue is a very viscous stiff consistancy, it really takes some effort to spread it out, luckly i had some serrated spreaders laying around,that helped move the glue around after 10 mins of really working it i managed to get a pretty good covering, I managed to place the EVA foam down nice and squarely first time, then i used a roller to make sure there were no bubbles and it layed out evenly as i got to one of the edges it became evident that there wasnt enough glue so i took the empty tube and used a wooden block to squeeze up any residual glue, i got a few more ml out of the tube and it was just enough to apply to the baord rail. i added a furnature clamp and a board to hold it in place till it dried

20150622_202455 (Medium)

the finished look

20150623_160126 (Medium)


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