Ice Boards from across the Baltic

I’ve been taking an interest in the endlessly fascinating number of designs of iceboards that people turn up with, many of them are home built and they are a microcosm of the ingenuity of the human race to solve the same problem in an endless number of different ways. Amongst the home builds are a few manufactured boards. One of them immediately struck me as extremely well made just from the clean lines and sharp edges the board looks strong and light. I contacted someone in Uppsala Windsurfing Club who ones one and asked him where he bought it, he gave me their website He also mentioned that the majority of ice surfers in UWS use these boards.





It’s a Latvian company and my, what a specification they put in to their product. Reading through the specs, amongst other things they use aircraft grade aluminum in their CNC milled chassis components. and incorporate automotive components in to their bespoke trucks which are booted to protect the mechanism from dust, dirt and water incursion. They say that all adjustments for steering and rider weight can be made without tools and within seconds, definitely a bonus when out on the ice and wearing gloves. They also have thought through the problem of different ice conditions with a range of different blades for softer ice, snow, and tighter turning. The level of precision and finish on these boards looks very impressive.


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