Ice surfer MKII

one thing about the first ice surfer I built is that it’s exceptionally heavy, it must weight around ten kilos! So I thought that I would have a go at making a more lightweight board, I got hold of a cheap second-hand MBS mountain board when I was in the UK last month. This type of board has the advantage of lightweight plastic truck heads.

WP_20150216_18_32_23_Pro (2)

scrounging around my garage and salvaging bits of wood from other projects I knocked this together, it’s about half the weight of the first board. I chamfered the ends to produce the 30 degree incline that these truck require to turn, Its pretty strong and doesnt flex much at all, that little flex will help absorb bumps. Not bad for an hours scrounging about.


Improvments to iceboard Mk1

having had a bit more time to refine (but not by much) the iceboard, I’ve managed to take a fair bit of wood off of the design, it now weighs a few kilos less, still it has a considerable weight to it and I have reconsidered the design (see following post). I also managed to find some skate guards at the local secondhand store They have lots of weird and wonderful stuff there and it’s well worth a look around their two floors of “stuff”

I also moved the shock springs to the widest settings to stiffen up the shocks as much as possible without changing the dampers.

Anyhow this is how the board looks now. Its not very refined, quite litterally rough around the edges, but the ice season is ending soon and time is of the essence!


Ice Boards from across the Baltic

I’ve been taking an interest in the endlessly fascinating number of designs of iceboards that people turn up with, many of them are home built and they are a microcosm of the ingenuity of the human race to solve the same problem in an endless number of different ways. Amongst the home builds are a few manufactured boards. One of them immediately struck me as extremely well made just from the clean lines and sharp edges the board looks strong and light. I contacted someone in Uppsala Windsurfing Club who ones one and asked him where he bought it, he gave me their website He also mentioned that the majority of ice surfers in UWS use these boards.





It’s a Latvian company and my, what a specification they put in to their product. Reading through the specs, amongst other things they use aircraft grade aluminum in their CNC milled chassis components. and incorporate automotive components in to their bespoke trucks which are booted to protect the mechanism from dust, dirt and water incursion. They say that all adjustments for steering and rider weight can be made without tools and within seconds, definitely a bonus when out on the ice and wearing gloves. They also have thought through the problem of different ice conditions with a range of different blades for softer ice, snow, and tighter turning. The level of precision and finish on these boards looks very impressive.

First day out on the iceboard!

A few weekends back Ice Cup Sweden held one of their open days on Ältasjön where people could come and try out ice surfing. I thought it would be a good oppertunity to try out my own board and meet some like minded people. Andy and I headed down around noon.
It was an exellent day for trying out.The lake was like a mirror, the clear smooth ice perfectly reflected the sun and the clear blue sky.  There was very little wind i would guess around 4ms so Andy rigged the 7m2 “unlucky gaffa” sail. This sail always gets broken on every outing and repaired shodily with Clas Ohlsons finest gaffa tape. Continue reading