winter repairs

I finally got round to leaving in my board for repair to a local professional repairer called Tobias, who was recommend by the local surf shop, the board had some fine cracks in the nose from a mast strike and a few solid in the gel coat, he’ll even beautify the quick and dirty patch made on the port rail which looked like a tube of toothpaste had been squirted in to the gap. While I was at the surf store I picked up a universal foam style nose protector, apparent you just stick it on, so I’ll do that when I get the board back. It also turns out he’s really in to ice surfing too and makes and builds ice surfers. He told me about the local councils promise to clear a 200 by 200 m section on Älta lake, a good choice of lake apparently as it is small it freezes early and tonight we finally got -0.5 c in Haninge around 9pm. So it might well be that we get to try out the ice armada again, it will be interesting see how the boards behave in clean ice opposed to compacted snow.


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