Achtung! 93L sinker

I bought a mistral 2.77 screamer 103L board two years ago for next to no money from a downtown apartment in the Östermalm district, the guy lived on the 4th floor and the apartment block didn’t have a lift, he opened the door to his tiny apartment and posted the board out, I struggled with it down the tight spiraling stair case and lashed out to the roof of my car as the first snows of winter began to fall.



We had it along a few times to the beach but nobody could stay upright on it alone sail it, then we tried using it as a kid boards, but that didn’t really work either so it ended up languishing under a pin tree slowly being engulfed by algae and pin resin.

but inspired by an article written back in 2007 by a guy in BC. Canada about his first time planning on a 103L I thought it might well be worth giving it another shot, I rescued it from its slow entombment and gave it a good scrub.

I’m impressed with the level of finish on the board, it came up like new, I. Striped out the mast track box which required quite a bit of persuasion, salt sand and pin needles had effectively glued it in to position, even the carriage had been welded in position. After 10 mins of effort it came free and I removed the detritus that had built up in there from the sea and the garden, and evicted a spider. I even managed to get the padding under the foot straps back to its faded glory! Fantastic. I love the warnings on the upper deck any board that has ACHTUNG is exceptionally cool!

The straps and the mast track went back in to position like a dream. Here is is all cleaned up! I cant wait till the spring!



3 thoughts on “Achtung! 93L sinker

  1. I had a board just like that one, it was my first board actually and it was a blast to sail. I used 5.8 and 6.5 cambered race sails on it, and could point upwind very impressively. Absolutely fantastic board. Let us know how it sails once you get it in the water.

    • Great to hear that it performs well, I’ve been working up to a sinker, its challenging enough on a 120L right now its winter, when spring rolls around I’ll take it out for a spin

      • Definitely one thing to focus on is that it “requires” to be pointed way-more-downwind to get going, and it can be nerve wrecking at first, compared to more modern shapes. Just point it down and hold on to it until you are in harness and front strap, for back foot point upwind and you will be flying. Have fun!

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