Närastrand, Öland

The hotel/hostel we stayed at for our least night on Öland is called Närastrand, as Andy says, it’s well worth considering, it’s clean and friendly, the bathroom facilities while communal are four star. They have a fully equipped communal kitchen, they had lit the Bbq grills the place also has an open community feeling. the only detraction is that at Hagapark camping you can have your gear right out side the chalet and have somewhere to hang wet gear, at Närastrand we hung the wetsuits on the car 🚗. Another option would be to have a wet bag and just stuck it up when its time to put it back on.

just a note for people who aren’t familiar with the Swedish stugor system, although you’re paying hotel prices you still need to bring bed clothes to put over the covers, mattress and pillow. Even worse at Hagapark camping they don’t supply anything….. Not even a shop on site to buy essentials, for that you need to a take a trip to to the next town or stop at the supermarket when you get over the bridge from Kalmar


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