Öland August 2014

Wow, wow, wow! What a cool few days!!

Neil, Charlie and myself headed down to Öland for the ‘last sail of freedom’ before we headed back to work on Monday. We booked a ‘Stugor’ (Cabin) at Haga Park Camping for one night. We planned to just do night and then head back, but ended up staying for a second night as the predictions for the weather and wind on the final day was so good.

I dont recall the place we stayed at for the second night, but I will ask Neil to post the location and info as its the best place to stay if you are sailing at Haga Park. It was cheaper and much more modern and fresh than Haga Park Camping… so we totally recommend it!

Charlie was out in the mornings and when the wind dropped, then Neil and I headed out in the afternoons. I just love this place… love the water and love the people. It really reminds me of the early days of sailing down at Portland Harbour in the UK… chilled, relaxed and safe!

I was blasting away on my 7 metre sail, using the carbon board. The wind didnt really get up enough to get out the small board and smaller sail, but I still have lots of fun!

Charlie can now sail, on his own and do a turn… really great work! Amazing what a year can do… last year it was hard for him to get the sail out the water, now its easy… i am a proud Dad! 🙂 (Heres a few pics!)






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