Gotland windsurfing trip


I’m over in Gotland for around a week, visiting some friends, relaxing and getting in a bit of sailing.

We brought the car and not the van for this trip as we have somewhere to stay and plus its much more expensive to take a mobile home onto the ferry. The downside of this is that I could only bring limited gear, so chose to bring my small board and 5.5 sail.

To blue dot in the picture above is where we are staying, it’s a small hamlet called ‘Lau’ and our friends Emma and Martin have a fantastic old farm house here that they’ve been renovating over the years.


I went for a sail yesterday afternoon at a beach called ‘Lau viken’ (the bay you can see on the right of the pic at top of page). It’s a 5 minute drive from where we are staying and offers a wonderful location for north to eastily wind directions. It was a fun place to sail with little waves to hope off and is really shallow for around 300 meters into the bay.

I’m nursing a hangover as I write this… We hit the red wine last night… Gotta go and sort it out. Andyc


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