Hung over Dalarö


After a summers evening of drinking with friends in Stockholm there is no better cure for a ‘slight’ hangover then a dip in the sea! I spent most of the drive over to the beach on the phone to Neil, trying to wake him up, and then, convince him that it’s an amazing idea to get down the beach and sail for a bit. The poor guy had stayed out a little longer than me the night before and ended up out in the clubs till around 4am… Either way, it’s was 1200 and fuck the issue of still being over the driving alcohol limit… It was time to get to the beach!

The session was pretty relaxed, I decided to take out the short board and a 5.5 sail, to play around with getting used to the board in the light winds. It’s really fun to sail, you a spin it round on a dime (or a pound coin I’m sure) and once you get used to always being over the centre point and never putting your weight too far forward, it was a board with a lot of feel and I recon its going to be a blast in stronger winds.

The pic is a screen grab from the website the windsurfers use to get the weather reports in Sweden. It’s the Norwegian weather institute, I think? And is pretty accurate. There website is if you want to take a look?

Looks like Tuesday might be good. Basically we looking for around 7ms minimum.. That’s normally enough wind to get planing with the bigger sails.

Enjoy the sun, Andyc


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