Naish Hybrid


Got me a new toy! It’s a 109 liter Naish Hybird… Get ready for some bumpin’ n jumpin’ people!!

Really love my slalom board, but have been wanting something that I can get a little more adventurous with and here is the answer!

On the question of boards and sails… What to buy, what not to buy etc. I personally only know what ‘I’ need /want from my gear, I find it impossible to advise other people cos everyone sails at different levels and wants different things from their sailing experiences. I think you gotta keep in mind these things:

    Think of safety first! Don’t go for something above your level
    Go for the usable option! (Don’t wanna be sat on the beach all day cos the wind is low!)
    Build your extra kit around your main board/rig! (I think it’s nice to have a good quality main sail and all-round board, that you aim to use 80% of the time, then buy ‘toys’ that you can use as n when)

…. But what the hell do I know?! Lol. Andyc


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