Day 6: Time to read a book


Breath in…. Breath out…. and…. Relax… That’s the kind of day we’ve been having on the Öland chilled east coast today! The wind switched to the north over night and never really picked up above 4-5m/s today, just as well as we were both feeling overworked from the last few days of hard sailing. I went out on the water in the afternoon… Got planning once… But nothing very exciting.

Incase you ever visit this place it’s worth knowing that there is nothing to do on the island except windsurf and relax. We took a trip in the van to the south of the island and stopped in at a few places on the way, it’s full of really strange shops that are like a step back into the 1970’s… Very odd and very strange to be honest. But anyhow we’ve had a lovely day of good ‘van cooked’ food and relaxing on the beach.

Not sure what the forecast is for tomorrow, it’s just started raining, but let’s hope it’s a hot one! Andyc


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