Day 5: Power Slalom at Haga Park

What a day! Top fun and top speeds! I’ve spent the afternoon thundering around the bay in high winds with my 7.0 Maui RXS sail…. Loads of power and super fast turns. I wanted to work on my gybes today, as I can get the planning going into them, but don’t always manage to keep the board on the plane during the exit.

I was basically not committing myself to the foot change and weight shift enough half way through the turn… So this was meaning the board was going into the turn fast, then the back was digging into the water and so was loosing speed towards the end of the turn, where as when you switch the feet and weight correctly, you balance the board and keep it driving through the turn and out the other end! The other thing I found useful was to get my body really low just after switching the sail; this allowed the wind to power into the board and get the speed up quickly as you exit. Can’t wait to get out again tomorrow!

Well today it was dead at 1000… No wind.. Forecast said ‘no wind’… So no wind. But sure enough the wind increased steadily between 1100-1400 until we had at least 10m/s… And by the time we left, around 1730, it was really blowing!!! All to do with this unique location that ALWAYS gets good wind at 1300 everyday day… Something to do with the land/sea temperature difference… Not sure but Wow!

Elin hit the water again today, we went out together for the first hour and we worked on some turns and the sailing position… This paid off, as when it started blowing Elin was really sailing well, putting into practice the things she’d trained in the lighter morning winds.

Now it’s around 2100 and we are shattered… Time for bed! Night all! Andyc


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