Day 4: Still loving… Haga Park

After a scrabbled egg breakfast we headed down to the beach to find a wonderfully sunny and windy day! The carpark is around 20 meters from the shoreline and ONLY windsurfers can use the carpark (love it… There is a big sign as you drive in… About time us wondsurfers got the VIP treatment!), we were there at around 1000 and so managed to get a spot right next too the grass where we can rig up.

Elin took out a hire board today, she’s 20 weeks pregnant so we thought maybe she should take it easy ;), so with a nice big board and a 4sqm sail off she sailed! The wind was around 7-10m/s and this increased at around 1pm. Elin did a great job… We did a bit of sailing together… Lovely day!

I’ve been on my 5.5 today and its been perfect, there was a few dips in the wind during the afternoon, but managed to finish off the day with some speedy runs and planning carve gybes, you can’t ask for more than that!

Pretty addicted to this place.. Not sure We’re ever going to leave… Let’s see what the next couple of days bring, we still haven’t ruled out popping over to the west coast for a few days, depends on the weather! (Remember: we can’t drive in rain… Wipers on the housevan are still not working…amazing!!!) Andyc


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