Day 3: Haga Park, Öland

We drove across to the west coast of the island today, heading for a legendary windsurfing location called Haga Park. I’d read a lot about the location with almost everyone one I’d spoken to stating that it is ‘the place to sail in Sweden!’… Big expectations!

They didn’t let me down, it’s incredible! The closest place I can compare it to is Portland Harbour in England, which is two miles wide and perfectly flat water. If anything this location is better as its blows everyday due to the land/water temperature differences creating a minimum of 10m/s, everyday, at around 1pm… Now that my kind of sailing!

I went out at around 11am on my 7sqm sail, this was soon too big, so changed down to a 5.5 and the fun happened! Cross shore wind with a little chop on the sea leg and flat as you headed towards the shore. Really fun getting the board jumping and flying along the waves, best sailing day I’ve had since the UK!

The campsite costs 245:- per night, with electric and showers etc… It’s around 1min drive to the launch place for windsurfing.

There’s every type of windsurfer here, from the old ‘sit and go fast’ guys through to the dedicated speed sailors… Fuckin fantastic place to meet like minded, friendly people.

This evening we took the bikes to a restaurant called ‘storafrö hostel’, it’s run by a lovely couple who moved down from Stockholm 4 years ago, really great priced food and a much needed break from the ‘pasta’ menu in our housevan 🙂

Let’s see what tomorrow brings… Hopefully Elins going to have a sail tomorrow, but let’s see what the ‘little baby inside’ thinks about that idea! AndyC


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