The boys doing great & summer adventures


It was a light wind day today in Stockholm so Charlie and I headed over to Dalaro for a couple of hours.

He did so well! At first the sail seems to big and heavy, it’s 2s/m, but once Charlie got used to finding the balance point of the rig it seemed to all flow really well.

The great thing about the location is that we can train in shallow waters, this is perfect as we haven’t got to the stage of turning around just yet! Charlie got the board sailing in both directions, and many many times today. He got from the starting position (feet either side of the mast foot and arms stretched) into the sailing position almost everytime…. And was happily sailing across the bay with great rig control and good feet positioning (back foot across the centre line and front foot point forward).

So next lesson is trying to get the basic turning of the board… Fun!

Elin and I are off on a 10 day windsurfing adventure to the west coast of Sweden on Thursday, I’ll try and keep the blog updated with the adventures! Andyc


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