Hanging out in fånö


Elin and I headed over to Fånö today, to support our friends, as they launched a fantastic new restaurant and cafe.

Now Fånö is a place you won’t find easily on the map, it’s roughly an hour north-east of Stockholm, a small village on the edge of lake ‘Mälaren’, that you find through following a mini-maze of winding roads… Simply stunning and peaceful.

I first met Johan and his family a couple of years ago. Johan owns ‘vindsurfing.se and kindly employed me as a windsurfing instructor for a summer and we became friends. It’s a fantastic company and Johan is a fantastic windsurfer. Whenever I get stuck or need advice he is first on my hit list… Never fails to point me in the right direction.

Today was all about the opening of their new cafe called ‘fånöö orangeri’. We took a look at the history of the buildings, they date back to early 1800’s… Lovely place to take an afternoon was escape. The cafe is on the same site as ‘Fånöö slot’, a castle owned by some rather wealthy people that use it as a fancy summer house… Alright for some!

Anyhow, i’d give it a visit if you can. I guess I’m also giving a plug to Johan’s windsurfing business too… Cos it’s a cool company to get into contact with if u need any advice or lessons. Enjoy the sun… Andyc


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