Neils new 4.5 Neil Pryde Sail


Neils new 4.7 Neil Pryde Sail

Here’s the newest sail for the 2013 season! Its a mint retro… mint condition from 1992 that Neil picked it up yesterday…. now we just need some water that is more that 4 degrees!


The Snow has left Stockholm!

Yes, yes, yes! The snows left and slowly the grass is reappearing. Over here it’s a magical feeling that summer is close the day you put the summer tires back on the car… Did it yesterday… It felt great!

So now we are watching the ice on the lakes melt away, then it’s time to hit the water. I’ve uploaded a few pictures of Neil’s inventions on a page called ‘snow sailing’ and will ask Neil to add some descriptions and info on the designs.


Here is our new on-land simulator for Charlie! Made from some fence posts, a box and some bits of wood… It’s fantastic, and Charlie will have it in the garden soon so that he can start nailing those tacks and gybes… Start them young! Andyc

Summer is coming?

Ok so here is where we start our Windsurfing journey of 2013. Over the winter Neil has been beavering away on many new creations for sailing on snow and ice. We have pretty much been out windsurfing on the frozen lakes at Least once a week… Which was top fun!

It turns out that Neil has a ‘crazy-inventor’ gene that kicks in when the snow falls… Once an idea forms for a new snowboard or custom fin… He’s away and you don’t see him for days, but he reappears with a prototype! I’ll get some pictures and info posted soon so that you can take a look.

We have been chatting about our plans for the summer and have a few aims and ideas. Here’s a list of possibles…

  • Do a Swedish south coast tour
  • windsurf in the med
  • start windsurfing in the waves more!
  • get Elins kit fully sorted
  • get a board for Charlie
  • create a land training simulator for Charlie to train on

Well lets see how it turns out… I’ll try and post more soon.