Swedens Second biggest wet body

Last weekend I took a trip down south to the middle-middle of Sweden with Andy to a place called Gränna, and was reminded once again how spectacular Swedens second largest lake is especially when  you approach it from above on a clear day, you round a corner on the highway and there spreading out before you is the shimmering azure expanse of Lake Vättern, every time I see it I promise myself that I will take a windsurfing trip there, the vast expanse of water on the right day promises tens of kilometres of flat water blasting, we could arrange a pick up on the very far shore and towards the mid-summer the sun hardly sets we would literally have all day to complete the run. Now we also know somebody with a boat on on the lake it looks like its on! We have that extra piece of mind. The summer is shaping up! All I have to do now is, get fit, fix the boards, get myself down there…..

The Long Cold Swedish Winter

For many reasons its been an age since we posted anything here. At the end of last year surfing season both my boards got damaged, the Exocet 125 Nano got a 2 inch split on the rail and i didn’t catch it till the second time out and on the ultralight the foiling on the top of the board by the front right foot strap has lifted…… whatever that means. To compound matters I busted two disks in my back which has laid me up for nigh on five months leaving me in comparative states of agony. Continue reading